School of Design

The School of Design is made up of the three study programmes Communication Design, Media Design, Interior Design.

Study programme Communication Design / Gutenberg Intermedia

The multifaceted challenges for design in the communications sector of modern society, in industry, consumption and culture, form the wide spectrum of professional work in the occupational field of Communication Design.

The goal of the study programme Communication Design is derived from the function of the designer in society, which as a general rule is to realise a given message creatively in a specific medium and to convey it to a target group in order to evoke a desired reaction. The focus of the study programme is therefore to impart knowledge and training in skills necessary to solve problems in the area of communications. Today, the designer is at the same time a conceptualiser and a planner, a strategist and an artist. Design means to plan, to conceptualise and to shape (audio-)visually perceptible information that is intended to be conveyed to a given target group for a given reason, circulated by the appropriate media.

Study programme Media Design / Time-based Media

The study programme Media Design offers as part of the School of Design of the University of Applied Sciences Mainz the opportunity to undertake fundamental academic studies in design as related to new forms of media technology. The newly developed media are constantly evolving and exhibit many features that differ considerably from traditional media, for instance print media, such as completely new features. Among these are functional and aesthetic links between media features which formerly had no connection with each other and belonged to entirely different media sectors.

The study programme deals with diverse audio-visual and electronic media and design technologies. It imparts sound knowledge and experience for designing that range from a strictly functional application to unrestricted artistic experiments. Basic technological principals are also thoroughly dealt with.

Study programme Interior Design/ Interior Architecture

The bachelor study programme Interior Design / Interior Architecture is practice-orientated. The compact study programme in 6 semesters allows for a speedy first degree that prepares students for a large number of diverse professional fields. It is possible to use this training in interior architecture offices, exhibition construction firms as well as in companies specialising in interior fittings or stage design up to product design, furniture design, vehicle design etc.

The bachelor course enables students to responsibly develop and substantiate their own position in this extensive professional field. Their special skills enable them to work not only on the interface between architecture and design but also just as much on the interface between communication design and media design.

It is also possible to expand these skills in a consecutive master programme which lasts 4 semesters.

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